Nissan Launches Safety Driving Forum in India

Today itself, Nissan had marked an important day in history of Indian Automobile Industry by launching its Safety Driving Forum in India.

The event was held in Mumbai and will be continued for two days i.e. 16th and 17th Feb 2013 at Parking Ground of Inorbit Mall, Malad, to give a firsthand experience of its safety features with simulators on display, which were named as “Rollover Simulator” and “Low Speed Crash simulator”. Apart from such hypes, Mr. SV Thakur, Transportation Minister was honored as the Chief Guest of Programme.

In spite of good quality cars being rolled out from its production bay, Nissan cares a lot about the passenger’s safety which now had finally resulted in the form of introduction to Safety Driving Forum in India. Takayuki Ishida, MD and CEO, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. lifted cover from the initiative by saying that, “The growing number of cars on Indian roads has also resulted in increased number of accidents. Nissan as an automobile manufacturer understands its social responsibility and strongly believes that “Safety begins with Me”. The Nissan Safety Driving Forum has been formed to educate drivers, co-passengers as well as other road users on safety practices with a focus on reducing road accidents.”

Nissan Launches Safety Driving Forum in India

The Rollover simulator was really a one that needs to be experienced, as it turns upside down for proving itself to the core, while the Low-speed crashes at 5 kmph which inflates airbags on its steering front to imagine what worst can happen in a car and how Nissan secures all of the customers. Event was preceded with all the safety talks but our transportation minister SV Thakur suggested some valuable tips to form a standard in driving fraternity. He said that, just like high-quality educational institutions and schools, driving schools should also be taken to that level for bringing the down number of accidents as of now which had increased to large extent unlikely to olden days.  Everything went well at a good pace and the initiative was receiving good response from other visitors.

Nissan Safety Driving Forum

Adding more limelight to the quotient, Nitish Tipnis, Director Sales and Marketing, Hover Automotive India Ltd. said that, now all Nissan cars will come with standard safety features of ABS, EBD, Brake Assist and Airbags. Though, after all we were delighted to Mr. Tipnis’s words as, ‘it is a giant step towards their vision’, which is really true.

Nissan Safety Driving Forum in India

Adding as a reminder again! Book your calendar for today or tomorrow (16th and 17th Feb) to experience Nissan Safety Drive Forum initiative at Parking Ground, Inorbit Mall, Malad (W), Mumbai, with one of its kind simulators.

Nissan Launches Nissan Safety Drving Forum

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