Nissan Launches X-Trail Facelift in Malaysia, India Launch Soon

X-Trail was the first offering from house of Nissan, but to be factual rather than speculations, it hadn’t performed well on our sales charts, where one might say that lacking is in the preference of Indian taste which calls greatly for “Big Bonks”, namely Hummer or its resembling Toyota Fortuner and so. Need to worry over here, being called as the renowned face of makers, now this SUV is a due in the pipeline of facelift, while many of us had got bored seeing the same soft-cornered attire for quite long.

2013 is the year which Nissan had chalked out auspicious for X-Trail facelift here, but before the Indian debut to be done they had launched it in Malaysia at a price tag of 148,000 Malaysian Ringgit.

Nissan X-Trail facelift

Covering that Asian territory, X-Trail facelift is lugged with 2.0 liter petrol followed by an X-CVT automatic gearbox.

Fresh bumpers, all new front grille and refreshed headlamps are the most dominating flips on exteriors, and to enhance that mild indulgence, LED inputs on head and tail lamps are cushioned for the striding blow.

Nissan X-Trail facelift Interior

Interior seeks an all-blackened layout, 6” touch screen infotainment system with USB and iPOD connectivity, Bluetooth, navigation system and reverse parking camera, completing the set of some niche luxurious assortment at core.

Getting back to the start again, present generation X-Trail in India is done with 5-seater capacity and even the one which is launched in Malaysia is forked out with same seating spec, as was a major drawback for that particular model plate here; but hopefully the metal which Japanese had previewed at last year Geneva event, named as High Cross Concept, inclusive of the 7-seater capacity, can be still smelled inside the pipeline of organization and it may make appearance in near future, ‘but when’ is still yet unknown, must be soon in the very near future.

Nissan X-Trail facelift Back View

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