Nissan Renault preparing platform for their electric vehicles of future

With the beginning of this decade, sales of electric vehicles have picked up speed because of the rising price of conventional fuels that has consequently made the consumer look for an alternative source of energy to run their vehicle. Currently many companies are involved into this new segment of automobile. The electric vehicles are already running on the roads of this planet, but on a very small volume. The Hybrid cars also are making an attempt to grab some space in the market but right now hybrid is the costliest option as it has a fine blend of both conventional and new age power system to make the vehicle run. But nonetheless, the Electric vehicles are making their way slowly into the market by creating a demand for them. According to the auto experts, by 2020 the electric vehicles will be contributing somewhere around 10 per cent to the overall sales of Renault Nissan. Renault Nissan has already declared its entry into this segment with its own electric vehicle sometime ago.This electric car that is doing the rounds on the roads of America by the name Nissan Leaf has earned some good credentials already. The firm has made good sales of around 11,000 units of its Nissan Leaf in the American market with a good volume of 27,000 units around the globe. With the increase in the fuel prices everywhere, these electric vehicles are proving to be the best substitute where the prospective consumer is drifting towards this futuristic technology in a very fast pace.

Nissan Leaf
The new mechanism is still in its embryonic stage where infrastructure and awareness development for these electric vehicles are definite to get a lot of attention from the customers in the coming days. There is not a single person on the face of this earth who doesn’t think about owning an affordable car which has high mileage and the fuel as well as low in cost. To build up a more knowledgeable mass baseand to become more appealing to the prospective buyers, Nissan Renault is about to launch its new Leaf campaign. Nissan Renault is also contemplating making the production of Nissan Leaf in England and America through local manufacturing units. This will help the firm achieve its aim of gaining 10 per cent market share of electric vehicles in its sales by the year 2020.

There is no doubt that the electric vehicles will revolutionize the outlook of the complete automobile business with their affordable price and attractive fuel efficiency. The electric vehicles are very good on the environment as there is zero emission generated from it. The dependency on the fuel refilling station also gets to zero as one can recharge these vehicles at home with the easy recharge kits provided by the electric vehicle manufacturers. Most of these kits are simply plug- and-play.

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