Nissan rolls out special Track Edition GT-R

Nissan has announced the launch of a special version of its GT-R supercar named as the Track Edition.  This newly launched special version vehicle has been fabricated with the exclusive idea of turning an already influential and speedy vehicle even better. It will go through aerodynamic, perfunctory and aesthetic transformations.

The new version boasts of a specifically adjusted suspension, cooling advancements, carbon-fibre frontage and back spoilers in addition to carbon-fibre airways.

The auto giant has stated that the suspension system was especially tuned up by Nismo (company’s racing unit) at the Nürburgring (a motorsports complex). The vehicle rides on specifically constructed 16-inch roulette wheels.

Nissan GT-R
In the interior, the new vehicle misses the backseat with the aim to save weight however keeps hold of all the customary luxuries linked with the vehicle. The seats got cropped in grey-blue blend of leather as well as fabric.

The Japanese car manufacturer has not provided any info regarding the engine but the sources think that with all the mechanical modifications and aerodynamic improvements the vehicle should be even more potent as compared to its influential predecessor.

The company has set a price of around 115, 710 USD (Rs.62.1 lakh) and just 150 vehicle units will brought to the US zone.

New Nissan GT-R

In the meantime, the company’s executive vice president Andy Palmer stated that he has driven a prototype of the forthcoming Nismo GT-R and has claimed that it is the most potent GT-R that has even been constructed.

He added that the majority of the modifications to the vehicle are aerodynamic plus handling related and that the vehicle’s tuned up engine will fabricate over 545PS that the standard vehicle generates.

The vehicle is expected to make debut at the much awaited Tokyo Motor Show and as stated by Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer of the Renault-Nissan coalition, it will hit markets by the coming year (2014).

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