Nissan Teases with First Ever Image of Datsun

Nissan is leaving no stone unturned for making Datsun a successful brand, though that low-cost brand is also doing the same in return as had created a good hype in media when was just in the PowerPoint presentation itself.

Japanese had been cashing a lot on this marquee because they had realized a big chunk of potential lying under such segmentation in upcoming markets, while we think so that China is out of the question for this moniker because an assumption of Great Wall territory is capable of doing with biggies only and not some small cranks, is going inside carmakers’ thinktank. However, we Indians must rejoice because it is confirmed for India, as we already hinted in our Exclusive Report. The other names which do shares similar vibes are Russia, Brazil, Africa and other Asian countries like Indonesia; hopefully North America must be too on the list.

Looking at the image first ever image of Datsun, it draws trapezoidal stance on the front grille whilst of headlamps in angular form. The other tweaks say that, a smaller displacement of around 800 cc will be its part and diesel may also look forward, just not to play only with petrol like that of Maruti. Diesel lacking had proven costly even to the auto giants like Honda.

Nissan Teases with First Ever Image of Datsun

Looking at this, Volkswagen too announced for it’s UP – ward strokes in almost similar markets. Needless to say, the low-profiles will be lugging around a range of Rs. 2-2.5 lakh, and in an exception case not more than Rs. 3.5 lakh. Pricing is still not clear but Maruti had almost laid foundation near Rs. 1.5-2 lakh for Cervo. Keeping a loose width in price tags always proves a win-win equation, because any uncertainties could raise it up in an unknown tilt as Tata had faced with Nano.

Lastly, Datsun will be embedded with all safety features as its makers had confirmed in the recent press meet of Nissan Safety Driving Forum launch in Mumbai.

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