New Formula E Series to be held with the electric F1 cars

Spark Racing Technology has announced its involvement in the future technology of the FIA Formula E cars for the Formula E series World Championship.

The company has joined its hand with the Italian giant Dallara to design and develop a new monocoque chassis meant for the upcoming electric F1 racing car that is expected to debut in 2014. The new E Series for the Formula 1 racers will feature cars that solely will be powered by the electrical motors rather than the traditional oil thirsty petroleum engines.

The boss of the ART Grand Prix outfit and the President of the Spark Racing Technology, Mr. Frederic Vasseur said that Dallara has accompanied him throughout his professional life and he felt it is great that the Spark Racing Technology will be joining him and will be benefiting from his experience and know-how. His experience and knowledge will be helpful in the upcoming new exciting adventure.

New Formula E series

President of Dallara, Gian Paolo Dallara said that they have been working with Frederic Vasseur for more than 20 years and with the passion and the enthusiastic behavior he has brought their cars to success in many of the prestigious championships. He further also added that with the combine experience of the Dallara and the Spark Racing Technology will be quite helpful in achieving the target demands in the given time frame in this brand new field of the motorsports.

Dallara is motorsports engineering and design firm and is also known for its extensive history in the market since it was established 40 years ago by Gian Paolo Dallara.

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