Nissan Terrano bookings commenced: Rs. 50,000 down-payment

Nissan Terrano is the Duster’s Japanese replica, but it isn’t someone’s fault that Nissan had garnered many likes on it when they unveiled it in India some days back.

Though the sources said, manies cancelled their bookings of Duster for biting a similar piece of compact SUV in the Japanese platter. We hope this posted news happens to be a pouncing stride for them who were quenching hard for getting their hands on Terrano.

Nissan officially started accepting the bookings of Terrano for as low of Rs. 50,000 down payment. The car may start flowing out from the showroom by October to celebrate the festive season of India.

Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster share the same platform all over. The difference between both the vehicles is, their skins are cosmetically different, and the Nissan’s offering poses premiumness in the category for making the competitive knots slightly higher.

Nissan Terrano
Engine bay is dwelled with the 1.5L diesel engine in two states of tune, while the 1.6L petrol engine may gulp down the same bay for petrol-heads. Options of five and six speed manual gearbox to be there in the context of this SUV, while right now there aren’t any chances of automatic or 4×4 version to make debut in the market anytime soon.

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