Nissan ties up with Ashok Leyland for its Datsun brand

The speculation relating to the release of the Datsun Cars and their production house seems to have finally cleared. Nissan is going to collaborate with the local Ashok Leyland heavy duty automobile manufacturers to bring out the entry level Datsun cars. To accomplish this task, Nissan has called upon the Defiance Technologies company, which is a subsidiary, a correlated company of the automobile giants of India, Ashok Leyland. With the collaboration in place, it seems that the Datsun India lineup is rearing to go.

The news came in when the Executive Vice President of the Nissan Motors, Japan rested all rumors and publicized that the company is currently working with the engineering services provider of Ashok Leyland, Defiance Technologies. He also stated that this collaboration should not be considered to be a partnership but rather should be treated as a contract.

Nissan ties up with Ashok Leyland for its Datsun brand

This is a neat strategic maneuver from the big bosses back in Japan from the Nissan headquarters. Local engineering is a must if the car prices are needed to be kept low, and that is exactly the reason for this contract with the India Defiance Technologies. On the other hand, with the Defiance Technologies having a keen understanding of the Indian markets it seems like an excellent contract struck by Nissan. The company is going to churn out the cars named as K2 and i2 and they are going to go head to head against the current market giants, Maruti Suzuki Alto and the Hyundai Eon. The manufacturers have only the Indian market in mind, and the technology provided would cater to the needs on the Indian roads specifically. However, there’s still some time before the car seems the light of day, with the predicted date of release to be during the second half of 2014.

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