Nissan to begin export of Sunny from March

Nissan Sunny is India’s second launched mid-level sedan after the Micra which was launched last October. And its been just four months into the launch, and now its ready to take foot into the regions of Africa and West Asia. Last month 2,176 cars were sold in the Indian market and the Orgadam plant has a capacity of 200,000 per year. This is an increase of 73% from September 2010.

Nissan India Pvt Ltd. had planned the export in last October, just 2 weeks into the launch of the petrol Nissan Sunny. While the diesel variant was launched in December. The Cosmos Ace cargo ship carried 3,452 units on the 1st of Feb and left the Ennore port, located just 25km north from Chennai. Looking at the demands for mid-level sedan in these regions, Nissan Motor India has planned to do a business of $100million this year on exports alone.

Nissan to begin export of Sunny from March

The success of Micra in these regions, a record of 14,403 units exported in January alone gives a clear figure for the demands of the mid-segment cars in these markets. The Oragadam plant in Chennai has exported 85,000 units. An impressive figure where in Indian, Honda and Toyota are dominating the market.

Nissan to begin export of Sunny from March

The company targets to take up its dealer member up to 60 members by next year and 100 by 2013. It currently has 45 members. The base model of Nissan Sunny, the XE is available for Rs 5.78 lacs, the mid level XL at Rs 6.69 lacs, and the top level XV at Rs 7.68 lacs.

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