Nissan to showcase its GT-R sports car and its all-electric Leaf EV at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012

The all-electric car from Nissan, the Leaf EV, has become a favorite topic for discussion in the automobile industry in recent times. Nissan, the leading car manufacturing company from Japan, will be showcasing this car at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. This will make Nissan one among a select few car makers that are willing to take the risk of introducing electric cars in the Indian market. However, before the launching the car, the auto maker is going to seek public opinion about the same. Apart from this electric variant Nissan Leaf, the company is also planning to display its sports car, the Nissan GT-R, which has recently established itself at races in Germany.

Nissan to showcase its GT-R sports car and its all-electric Leaf EV at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012Both these cars are expected to steal the limelight among all the cars that Nissan is putting up for display at the 2012 Auto Expo. Nissan is expected to showcase its entire car range for the Indian market at this upcoming event. This is going to include its locally manufactured Micra hatchback and the Nissan Sunny and also the cars that are imported as completely built units including the X-Trail, the Teana and the 370Z sports cars. This is going to be the first instance that the Japanese auto giant will bring its all-electric Nissan Leaf car to Indian shores. It needs to be added that this car has already proved itself in many overseas markets, including Europe and the United States, along with the strong impact it has created in its local Japanese market. This car significantly differs from the Mahindra Reva i that has not been accepted in the market because of its excessively compact form. Rather, the electric variant of the Nissan Leaf is a significantly large car that has the capacity to efficiently play its role as a large family car in the Indian perspective.

Nissan to showcase its GT-R sports car and its all-electric Leaf EV at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012The only thing that is common to both these cars is that they both have a fully electric motor. This is unlike the other hybrid cars including the Toyota Prius cars that people have commonly seen. The only problem in launching the cars in the Indian market is the absence of proper infrastructure for these cars. There is unavailability of set-ups for battery charging in India that has not created viability for these electric cars in the domestic auto market. Another vehicle that is expected to share equal limelight at the Nissan stall is its sports car the Nissan GT-R. This car is regarded amongst the fastest vehicles in its segment these days, a tag it received after an impressive performance at the Nurburging racing tracks in Germany. The car completed a full round of the total perimeter of this track within seven and a half minutes, which is considered as a remarkable feat. This is because this racing track is huge and consists of four diverse loop configurations of varying lengths. Crossing such a track within this short time indeed highlights the features of this car.

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