No price hike by Eicher motors any time soon

Eicher Motors, the widely known truck maker doesn’t seem to be fazed by the rising fuel prices. While most of the companies are going trumpets and gongs about their possibility of hiking the price of their products due to the rise in fuel prices, Eicher Motors are mum about it. Though not a key player in the Indian car market, Eicher Motors led by Siddharta Lal, its Chief Executive Officer, is a well known brand in the truck market. Moderating commodity prices is said to be the reason why Eicher Motors are not too keen on getting up the prices of their products. Mr Lal, in a recent interview, said that he believes that even though the prices aren’t reducing, they sure are flattening out as far as the commodity prices are concerned. Aluminium and steel commodity prices however have flattened out big time.

In a bid to hike their profit margins, most of the car manufacturers faced with a possibility of rising commodity moolah pass on the entire burden to the end user – customer. This means that the customer ends up paying more. As a part of its expansion plan, Eicher Motors would also be investing about Rs 9-10 billion in a span of 2-3 years. Eicher Motors are also affiliated to the Royal Enfield Group.

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