Only 57% of Ferrari Owners are Happy: Study

We perceive Ferrari as a benchmark in the automobile industry but there lies a mysterious fact behind its ownership.

Everybody wants to own a piece Prancing Italian Horse but in actual, most of its existing owners are not happy with their car. As per the survey of AXA Group, it is revealed that only 57% of Ferrari owners enjoy the ride behind their so-sporty steering rims. The reason for this research is still unclear but further revelation says, more than 75% owners of BMW, Aston Martin, SEAT, Lexus and Peugeot are contented with their metals, no major disappointment from them.

Volvo, it can be named as the most disliked car because, this Swedish moniker had stood only at a mere 46%. We were not hoping this one to pitch at least in the last, as it makers are pumping lot of safety technology inside the technical strata for saving accidents and other disasters.

Ferrari Owners
The data is taken into account on basis of day-to-day commute, and must say that British don’t fall to glitzy bits of automobiles, so this remains a true account of the research work. On an average, around 2,000 owners were surveyed for this purpose.

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