Original Aston Martin DB5 to be featured in the Skyfall

Aston Martin’s iconic car with ejector seats and guns behind the indicators, Aston Martin DB5, will be featured in the next James Bond movie, Skyfall. The famous car was first spotted in the Goldfinger, way back in 1964 for about 13 minutes. It was because of its appealing features that the Aston martin DB5 acclaimed the title of being the most famous car in the world then. Since then, the car has been encountered in four other instalments of the superspy movie: Thunderball (1965), Golden Eye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and Casino Royale (2006).

The most interesting part of the car’s demonstration in the movie comes in when the car is to be seen with the same number plate as the one featured in the original DB5. It was Sean Connery, who drove the BMT 216A number-plated DB5. The news of the same was confirmed by a video which dropped hints that the iconic car might be seen in a chase scene, in which the car had the same number plate.

Original Aston Martin DB5 to be featured in the Skyfall
Skyfallproducer, Michael G Wilson quoted that the production team has always used different cars at different times but they have always came back to the Aston Martin. He further added that the Aston Martin has always been the signature car for James Bond.

Around a week back, the Skyfall made headlines in the news segment by reports of the ‘license to kill’ superspy to be riding heavily modified motocross bike, Honda CRF250R. Now when the news of the comeback of the iconic Aston Martin DB5 (that too with the same number plate, BMT 216A) has again hit the news segment, one thing is for sure; the Skyfall has plenty of things stored in its store and the inclusion of modified Honda CRF250R and the Aston Martin might just be a couple of them.

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