Tips To Photograph Your Car For Sale

A picture is worth thousand words, and it works best when selling a car.

The days where websites are preferred at first, the perfect snap is an initial hook up for the buyers.

Sometimes, words don’t determine the anonymity, while the picture says it all.

Clicking pictures is an art; and all knows how photography is evolving to become a catchy trend these days. The shutter-bug bitten to each one of us is leashing out its effect with the help of phone and digital cameras. Mentioned below are some of the finest tips that may captivate buyers to reach your car’s posting with the best possible deals.

Wash It!

A dirty car doesn’t please anyone, except for a saucy photo-shoot. And if it’s going on web, means an exposure to the lakhs of visitants. So, when clicking, prefer going spick and span with vehicle as if it has just rolled out of the showroom.

If possible, apply polish or wax – to add a dose of glam to the picture.

Wash It!


Roll-up the sleeves along with windows. The rolled-up windows sense a feeling of smoothness and completion. Otherwise, the rolled-down example feels blank and missing.

Prefer a Camera

What a camera does, the smarphone doesn’t! And we stand affirm by that.

The recent revolutions of technology made the phones smarter than it could have ever imagined. An example of it from the latest generation, will work just fine.

But if already had camera at home, then take some efforts and use it to click the shots. Avoid images that have bursting pixels and are pointing out dull attempts.

Prefer a Camera

Point and shoot digicams of old generations will also work better than an unsatisfactory phone.

Time and Locations

By the “time”, we don’t mean to click at any point of the day or amidst a dark night in the streetlights. The ‘location’ and ‘time’ shall be perfect to shoot a snap.

As per most photographers, time referred as “golden” is the best duration of the day. Actually, it is the slot soon after the sunrise, and just before the sunset. In that cranking moment, the sunrays turned out glowing with golden effect, which enhances the paint shade of metal exclusively. Even some of great movie scenes are captured during that period of day, which actually has extended the team’s schedule for number of weeks for just to get that whole aura in the particular sunlight effect.

Time and Locations

Photo by default does demand a batter backdrop. To make it more attractive avoid dark parking lots. Prefer going near to beaches by evening or morning. The jogging spaces can also fare as better options for some occasions.

Importantly, by any chance neglect uploading the pictures that were shot in the night and afternoon, because the flash of camera isn’t enough to substitute the sunlight wholly in dark; and during the mid-day sun remains quite aggressive to blow the paint shade out of its flavor.

Number Wins

Quality and quantity both together forms winning equation, this formula isn’t an exception here. Posting an ad with good quality photos in large numbers is always preferred.

Just to be sure, don’t go for the creative photography skills by means of unusual angles. Click at the conventional eye-level with a perception of keeping yourself as the end-buyer. Clarity to the condition of car definitely draws audience.

There are certain suggested angles which will make the images clearer. Front, side and rear are the basics. The wheels and the rims turned-to-left for the tyres tread facing reality are more relative. Engine-shot by lifting up the bonnet is a must. Inside the cabin, interiors with more focus to drivers’ seat get preference. To evident the details of interiors, recline the front seat, and click the front row by planting the camera on backseat – this will give the exact idea about the clicked area. Images of the gear-shifter (for the confirmation of automatic or manual transmission), music-system, steering wheel and the odometer too matters. The click of odo abreast interested onlookers with kilometer clocked by the car, suggested here to be bit precise on this shot.

Tips To Photograph Your Car For Sale

Additionally, if the car is subjected with additional features like convertible options, then snap both the clauses – a one with the open top and the other with closed roof. Likewise, the same does applies to the folding seats, which will detail the space on offer after they are knocked down.

Honest is the Best Policy

This one may not go well with the most sellers, because in the charm of making more money no one is likely to settle for a lesser packet by showing off their car’s flaws in first place. As know-how, spectators aren’t going to visit your place every time for the inspection, so posing the dents and scratches openly and quoting a genuine price will grant the seller a stand – it was already conveyed, the price is suitable to the condition and cannot be negotiated at all. Oops moment at the time when deal is about to crack, can turn down the other party with a waste days work.

The last and the most important tip is, don’t get so exclusive with the pictures that is seemed to be a one from the stack photos. That’s because, the spectators may derive an idea the photos posted aren’t authentic, instead they are taken from the galleries. So, going “slightly” shabby here definitely pays.

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