Piaggio Ape Mini- Piaggio’s first four wheel truck

There have been a major drift in the Indian automobile market. Once the big brands only used to consider the passenger car market their main market. However now, we have been witnessing various changes in the market scenario. It seems that all the automobile companies are trying to capture the heavy vehicles market as well. Last year itself, Tata Motors launched it various big vehicles. Anyways, the one company which we are talking about has have always been associated with the goods carriers. Recently, Piaggio announced the launch of its all new Ape Mini truck. This truck is their first four wheel mini truck. It looks like now even the small companies are also trying to get hold of the market and are ready to compete against bigger brands.

We have seen this sudden trend in the market whereas many bigger and smaller brands are pooling into the cargo market. With many companies in the loop undoubtedly the competition has grown much much severe. So, the launch of this new truck I would say is a wise move by Piaggio. Till now this company has been the king in the three wheel cargo market, but now it is all ready to enter the bigger market. This new half tonne truck is priced at Rs 1.72 lakhs. The company is trying to make sure that this new cargo truck will be available in every corner of India as they think that it is one of the major products of their company and will obviously generate much demand. Reason being, till now they used to produce three wheeler mini cargo but this new product is a four wheel half tonne cargo truck.

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