Porsche Builds 500,000th Cayenne SUV

‘Releasing a SUV under the badge of sportscar’ may sound insane to many of us, but exactly it is the success story of Porsche. As we learnt that the carmaker had rolled out its 500,000th Cayenne from the Leipzig manufacturing bay of German state Saxony, we then took a deep sneak peek into the flashback, and present as well, got to know how the Germans had turned this complicated task into a success path.

Well, at the time of launch many automotive critics were confused regarding the decision of Cayenne being rolled out from the moniker of Porsche. But since then, the automaker had completed the production of 500,000 units on that same model plate till date. The last one is white in color and will be rolled out today form the factory, which the owner of same will also be given a test run on Porsche’s FIA certified track and off road course.

Commenting about the doubts that were raised at early 2000 for rolling out the luxury SUV in spite of being a pro sports carmaker, Dr. Oliver Blume, Member of the Executive Board Production and Logistics of Porsche said, “We started with around 70 units a day. Today we produce five times as much owing to the high market demand. In the past year alone, over 83,000 Cayenne vehicles for customers in more than 125 countries have rolled off the assembly line. A genuine success story of the Porsche lies at plant in Saxony.”

Porsche builds 500,000th Cayenne
Apart, there is a strange fact that had been surfaced to us while writing down this piece of article, around 2,500 buyers of Porsche used to pick their deliveries of Cayenne at the factory every year. Maybe they love the aroma of factory fresh leather and rubber, strange!

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