Porsche is offering a 50th anniversary package for the iconic 911

Porsche has created the most splendid sports cars of the 20th century. There is nothing more special than the 50th anniversary of this historic car series. Porsche wants to celebrate it in the grandest way possible. It made an announcement recently that to celebrate the 50th anniversary, it will be launching a limited edition of the legendary Carrera S. At the same time it is also offering a new package termed as ” 50 years of 911 package” for all the 911 Carrera models. This package is focusing on the interiors and will cost 4911 Euros which is equal to Rs 3.82 lacs.

Porsche Automobile Holding, popularly called as Porsche, is a German automobile industry. It was established in the year 1931. Porsche at a time held a total of 50.73% shares in VW AG. Porsche and Piech, founding family, has 100% control over the company. Although in 2012, VW acquired a total of 50.1% share in Porsche’s capital.

The Porsche 911 was started in the year 1963. It has been the longest running car range that is still under production. The original 911 series has undergone various changes and modifications in these 50 years. The 911 cars have been used for rallying, racing and various automobile tournaments. It has completed 50 successful years in the market which is definitely an occasion worth a grand celebration.

2013 Porsche 911 50th anniversary package
The 50th anniversary package that has been offered will give the buyers comfort of heated front seats, rear and front sensors, Porsche’s own communication system as well as Porsche Chrono package. Porsche has said that if the components of the package are bought individually they will cost a buyer 34% more than the price quoted by Porsche.

This package will be made available in all European nations except Switzerland and Russia. Although its is questionable whether this package will be made available in India or not. Indians are in love with add-ons for their cars and therefore Porsche should celebrate this 50th anniversary here also.

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