Porsche tuner Gemballa develops real diamond paint finish

The automotive aftermarket world excess knows no bounds. Out of all of bespoke options you can select for your vehicle, coating it in real diamonds has to be amongst most unique paint jobs out there. Gemballa, a world famous tuning company is now providing a premium paint job that uses genuine diamonds. Andreas Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer at Gemballa stated that their complex process utilizes genuine diamonds as a key ingredient – not crystals, metal pigments or glass fragments. The largest challenge the tuning firm faced was getting previous stones small enough for using in the process. It has designed and engineered a real diamond coating for vehicles.

Porsche tuner Gemballa develops real diamond paint finish
Gemballa is basically a tuning firm situated in Leonberg near Stuttgart in Germany and was established by Uwe Gemballa in the year 1981. They offered aftermarket components primarily for Porsche. In May 2010, its plant was shut down and seized by German authorities following the Uwe Gemballa’s vanishing who was later found dead. Andreas Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer and Steffen Korbach, investor were able to reopen the firm in August 2010. The tuning firm also has a modification based on Porsche Cayenne Turbo that generates around 750 horsepower and the modification is known as GT 750 Aero 3.

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