Proton to Soon Enter Indian Auto Market

Malaysian car manufacturer, Proton recently announced their plans to enter the Indian automobile segment in the coming 3 to 4 months. The Group MD of the company, Dato’ Haji Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, spoke about the company’s future expansion plans on the sidelines of a seminar.

He had also said in an interview, that since2008, they have been carrying out a series of road tests as well as customer surveys so as to comprehensively understand customer behaviour and the different market requirements. They believe that their product range is quite capable to satisfy the different needs in the Indian auto market.

As of date, their current models are well equipped to adjust well in India’s auto markets of the A3 which include the Gen.2, the Persona and the Saga, and the MPV, which includes the Exora. Their new future models which are in concept mode have also been conceived only after contemplating the different requirements of the Indian market. These include their Persona-R of the A4 segment and the GSC of the A2 segment.

According to recent reports, Nissan could also be licensing their global V compact platform to be used by Proton, which has been desperately trying to get a foothold in the trustworthy small car segment in India’s key markets. The V compact platform has been specifically built for the emerging markets, based on the Micra which is manufactured in Thailand and India.

Alliance partner Renault has access to the V platform as well. It has access to it, as a base for spinning of its own compact car range, which is anticipated to be out in 2012. Meanwhile, the Malaysian car manufacturer, Proton has developed a strong base by gaining access to the V platform, which will help it to develop its own compact range of notchbacks and hatchbacks to meet Indian specifications.

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