Porsche Introduces New Panamera Diesel Variant

There is a new Porsche model in town, or rather market, with the luxury car manufacturer adding one more model to its existing Panamera four door series. This time, however, consumers can look forward to a diesel variant. With the new diesel variant, Porsche claims to get a range of around 1,200km, the details of which were announced just ahead of the global sales beginning in August.

This diesel model will feature a VW group, Porsche tuned V6 3.0l turbodiesel engine which has a variable geometry turbocharging and is capable of 2000 bar injector pressure. This power plant is able to deliver 247 bhp along with 56.13kgm of peak torque amid 1750 to 2750 rpm.

This is quite similar to Cayenne’s 3.0l diesel engine except for its wider rev. It is also able to deliver slightly more power in comparision to the Cayenne 3.0l diesel. The new diesel variant’s engine is paired with a Tiptronic automatic 8 speed transmission to drive only its rear wheels. Stop-Start is available as standard.

This arrangement is enough for the Panamera diesel to reach 100kph in just 6.8 sec, with a 240kph top speed. Porsche is also claiming a collective 18kpl fuel economy which is sufficient for the 80 litre Panamera fuel tank to provide 1,200km in just one fill. In terms of identification, there are hardly any features which differentiate the petrol powered Panamera from its diesel variant, except for the diesel badge positioned on its front doors.

The standard kit offered includes the manufacturers Active Suspension Management, rear and front park assist, bi-xenon headlights, monitoring for tire pressure and a satellite navigation system which is touch screen. Meanwhile, the optional features include an air suspension from the earlier steel springs option.

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