Queen’s State Bentley Limousine to go open at Buckingham Palace Gardens!

When talks come to the hall of famous personalities around the world, then their cars and bikes remains no more ordinary. Like we had the Obama’s Limo for US a mark to remember, we had the Queen’s Bentley State Limousine in UK. No one dares to miss its sight when it swoops past the other vehicle in England. And very shortly we had received important news for the car fanatics in England, especially who love the Queen very much. It is that, Her Majesty had said to exhibit her same Limo at the Coronation Festival during this month which is going to take place at Buckingham Palace Gardens.

The Queen had received this Bentley in 2002 when she completed her tenure of five decades on the throne. It is a special Bentley being called as “Project Diamond” by the automaker. It had taken two years for the British luxury carmaker to make this one of its kind beauty. Including a “panoramic glass house” and the rear seat made as per to the measurement of Queen’s height, this royal bug stretches the rear hinged at 90 degree when opened, i.e. to ease the in and out movement swiftly.

In addition to it at the Coronation Festival, Bentley will also display their flagship model Mulsanne. Reclining to the exclusivity of Bentley car carmaker said each car is built in 400 hours out of which major part is spent in finishing the interiors.

Queen's State Bentley Limousine

Queen's Bentley State Limousine to be showcased in Buckingham

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