Range Rover Sport coming by mid-2013

Design Director, Gerry McGovern has said that the new Range Rover Sport will be having more visual difference from the former SUV. The next generation Range Rover Sport is scheduled to be revealed in the middle of 2013 before hitting the market next year.

He also said that the new Range Rover will be adding more personality and will be a lot different than the previous Range Rover.

Some of the inside sources have revealed that the new Range Rover Sport will also be including seven seat option for the first time ever, a clever attempt to make the model more desirable in one of the key markets of Range Rover, North America.

Range Rover Sport coming by mid-2013
However, McGovern didn’t confirm the production of this vehicle but he further said that it would be a challenge to create a seven seat Range Rover Sport. To create a sporty car withsleek profile with seven seats will a great challenge.

Under the hood, Range Rover Sport will be quite similar with the new Range Rover. Both the vehicle will be sharing Jaguar Land Rover’s premium light weight architecture, which is a riveted and attached aluminum monocoque that saves about 300 kg of curb weight from a V6 diesel.

Range Rover could also achieved much lower curb weight by adding 4 cylinder diesel engine. Close sources have also confirmed that this engine is under monitor for the Range Rover Sport.

Despite of the close under the hood relations, there will be great visual differentiation between both the vehicles. The Range Rover Sport will be featuring more sharply ranked roofline, deeper body sides, aggressive rear and front detailing and shorter rear overhang.

The vehicle will come with 255 bhp V6 diesel and 334 bhp twin turbo V8 engine. The supercharged variant might feature 503bhp V8 petrol.

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