Ratan Tata confirms interest to invest in Bengal provided there’s no more hostility

After what happened in Singur, Bengal, Ratan Tata doesn’t think the chapter is closed yet. He feels they weren’t disinclined to invest further in Bengal if they were convinced that the hostility towards the Group was no more. He tells they needed to be satisfied with the prevailing hostility issue. He further elaborated saying at the moment there were no new plans, but would be investing if the right opportunity comes along. Ratan Tata attended the Tata Global Beverages’ general meeting held annually.

Chief of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata did call M.K. Narayanan, the governor, at Raj Bhavan talking about expectations in and around political circles and told the Group didn’t have ill feelings about Bengal from where they shifted their Nano unit in 2008 October.

A lot can be said about Tata’s remarks regarding the Singur incident in that he finally broke his silence and this being his first statement after a change in Governments in Bengal. Ratan Tata did in fact visit Kolkata a few days after Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister, but had not met the media in May.

Partha Chatterjee, State’s Industry and Commerce Minister, didn’t take the Group’s hostility issue lightly either. He told it was unfortunate and unwarranted for and that there were a lot of facilities belonging to the Tata Group that were running smoothly in Bengal. He also told Mamata Banerjee, their leader, didn’t believe in taking any kind of revenge.

It’s now three years after Tata controversially pulled out of Singur. Ratan Tata did spend 10 minutes answering questions on Singur. It could be said there was a hint of the Group trying to build the bridge back with the current Government. However, he did evade when questioned about a possible out-of-court deal and told the issue was sub-judice.

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