If you have the cash, we have the used car suggestions here – Part 2

The question is if you have Rs 16 lakhs in hand, why would you want to invest in a used car. There are many of the new car options floating around which would definitely help considering that buying a new car is mostly a pain free affair whereas buying a used one requires various checks and stuff to be done to ensure that it is a pain-free affair later on. For a second car and mostly in the price bracket of Rs 8-16 lakhs, a lot more options open up and regardless of the options or the condition the vehicle is in, one should first check the vehicle papers, road tax and related stuff have been paid for and also the preliminary checks regarding the car have been done as well. The car should be inspected in broad day light and also the paint quality should be checked for. A friend who is very knowledgeable as far as automobiles go should be tagged along or even a local mechanic would do. They can check the vehicle’s condition and ascertain it to be a good buy. Buying a car from a reputed second hand show room also makes the difference as most of these show rooms offer considerable amount of warranty and assured aftersales for these cars. Here is a list of some of the desirable cars which when brought in as a new buy, would definitely require some careful planning of the finances.

Ford Endeavor :

The Endeavor was launched in India at around 2004. It is counted as one of the most successful SUVs across the world and it has also got various names attached to it. Sales figures have always been on the higher side of things and Ford Motors have ensured that they keep on giving the SUV some steady upgrades all through its model years. In India, Ford have provided for a 4×2, 4×4 and also automatic transmission options. Nowhere in the sub Rs 40 lakhs category is an SUV offered with so much options. Since its basically an off-roader, the connecting tie-rod ends and also the steering column have to be looked out for. Wear and tear of this is very natural for a SUV which is used for off-roading jaunts. The suspension as also the driveshaft along with the condition of the tyres need to be checked before giving the go-ahead for this SUV. For a 2008 model, the asking price is Rs 9.4 lakhs and for a model after it, it would range anywhere between Rs 10-11 lakhs. Fuel efficiency hovers around the 10 kmpl mark and another worthy alternative would be the Mitsubishi Outlander. However the Outlander is available with only a petrol engine.

Honda CR-V :

Honda’s model lineup in India have sculpted a success story for itself with the exception of the Jazz. Even pricier models like the CR-V have made a mark for themselves. The CR-V which was launched in 2003 was India’s first cross-over car and Honda have provided it with both automatic and also manual transmission along with a choice of 2WD and 4WD options. Honda has also facelifted it once since its launch here. Even though many owners of the 4×4 optioned CR-V would have never ventured off-road, its good enough to check the underpinnings of the car. If the electronics of the car have been tinkered around with, then its best to stay away from this example. Also Honda engines are known to be very reliable and hence if the engine of the SUV that you are inspecting has been opened up, it’s a warning to stay away from it. Fuel efficiency of the petrol engine is on the lower side and don’t expect anything more than 8 kmpl overall. A worthy alternative to the same is the Chevrolet Captiva. The asking price of this SUV is on the higher side with a 2008 model going for around Rs 13 lakhs while a 2010 one would fetch close to Rs 18 lakhs.

Mitsubishi Pajero :

The  Pajero has been in India for the longest of times. To be exact, it was in 1998 that it was launched in India. It was the second generation vehicle which made its way to the Indian market. Even before the SUV made its way to India, its off-roading credibilities preceded it. Off-roading junkies needed no other reason to buy this SUV and the fact that it was provided with an oil burner only sweetened the deal. Moreover, all the politicians as also film stars assured that sales of the Pajero was an appealing prospect to Mitsubishi. Globally, the Pajero has been replaced with the Montero. However, in India it still continues to be sold alongside the Montero. When buying a used example, the buyer has to ensure that the underpinnings of this car be checked thoroughly. Though the Pajero can take quite a lot of abuse in its stride, its better safe than be sorry. Any off-roading vehicle needs to have its driveshafts checked and also uneven wear of tyres and alignment issues also needs to be given a look. A 2007 Pajero could go for as high or low as Rs 12 lakhs. Another alternative to it would be the petrol guzzler Maruti Grand Vitara. Fuel efficiency stands at 10 kmpl.

Honda Civic :

The Honda Civic made its way to the Indian soil in 2006. The futuristic theme of this car is something which everyone praised and its interiors are also well appreciated. The good thing is that even amongst the horde of newcomers in the market, the Civic doesn’t feel dated enough. Honda reliability is for given on this car and the only downside appears to be its lower than required ground clearance and also the petrol sipping engine. Due to its lower ground clearance, this car has a notorious reputation of getting its underpinnings damaged on speed breakers. The bumpers also due to their overhangs result in scrapes. If at all the engine has been opened, its time to say goodbye to the second hand car that one was eyeing. Civic cars also retain their value over the years and a 2008 model would be priced similar to the top end Honda City at Rs 8.5 lakhs. Fuel efficiency is supposed to be around the 11 kmpl mark. A worthy alternative and that too two of them would be the Toyota Corolla or the Chevy Cruze.

Skoda Laura :

The Laura was billed as the replacement for the oh-so successful Octavia in India. However, that didn’t happen and both happily sell alongside each other. A meter wide grin is what the Laura promises when one drives it. Since most of Skoda cars are skewed towards being enthusiast’s machines, its better to get the suspension as also the condition of the tyres checked. There are very few problems from the DSG gearbox or even the engine. Skoda engines are notorious enough to guzzle oil and this should be kept in mind while buying a used Skoda car. The car overall reeks of an expensive demeanor.  Skoda service is notorious on being very expensive. The average fuel efficiency of this car borders on 13 kmpl and another alternative to it would be the much pricier Honda Accord. The price of a 2008 Laura would be around the Rs 8.5 lakhs mark.

Skoda Superb :

The Indian market saw the Skoda Superb’s launch in 2004. Styling is the forte of Skoda cars and the Superb amply demonstrates that with its timeless silhouette. Everything about this car amplifies its name and one would just go Superb on seeing it. Skoda as a company recommends that all of their engines be fed with synthetic oil and a second hand car buyer should see to it that it has been adhered to. Also the DSG gearbox needs to be examined for any faults as repairs tend to be very expensive. The car offers a good ride quality as also handling. Moreover, it has good fuel efficiency to boot for with its diesel avatar. The fuel efficiency hovers around the 11 kmpl mark while the TSI variant would give around 8 kmpl. A worthy alternative to it would be the BMW 320d with almost similar servicing costs and all. The price of a second hand Skoda Superb would be just on the fringe of Rs 16 lakhs. The build quality should see it through the bad Indian road conditions.

Toyota Camry :

Toyota’s third launch in India just a few years after it set foot in here happens to be the Camry. A good ride quality along with high quality of equipments provided in this car ensured that it found many takers. However, over the years, the charm of the Camry was lost as newer competition barged in. Also with the advent of the luxury taxi market, most of the Camry cars began doing duties for 5 star hotels. Toyota cars are well built but then since the Camry didn’t sell all too well, the spare parts are on the expensive side of things. Also, the interiors do stand the test of time very well. An alternative to it would only be the Skoda Superb and Camry is the only Toyota car in India which doesn’t have a good resale value attached to it. A 2008 Camry can be brought for as less as Rs 12 lakhs. Fuel efficiency hovers around the 9 kmpl mark.

While all these cars are a great buy as second hand, it is imperative that the servicing as also the running costs be factored into the buying decision. Also the proximity of a service station or a reliable mechanic should also be counted in.

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