Refreshed Mercedes E-class unveiled

Mercedes-Benz has revealed updated version of its Mercedes E-Class. The makeover includes refreshed styling, engine tweaks, higher standard equipment, additional safety features and another series of hi-tech features. The changes have been described as the most comprehensive change ever in the history of Mercedes. The heavily updated E-Class all geared up for its first public appearance at Detroit Motor Show in January.

The major portion of the Mercedes-Benz effort has been concentrated around the styling that has been altered significantly than the usual facelift from the company. The quad headlamp design that once was a designated feature of E-Class is now gone, it is now replaced by the more conventional single assembly head lamp with daytime LED lights.

The front grille has also received changes, it is now available with two options one sporty and another one is more conventional. The front bumper has also received few changes.

Refreshed Mercedes E-class unveiled
The heavy rear wheel arches has been smoothened to give it a more cohesive appeal. A crease line runs from the rear doors towards the rear light. The rear lights have retained their original shapes but have received LED imbued graphics that helps in visually widening the car. The rear bumper has also been re-profiled.

The updated Mercedes E-class will be revealed with the same petrol engine with two tunings. The 2.0 liter turbocharged unit that delivers about 181 bhp will be housed in E200 and another one that will churn out 208 bhp will be making its way to E250. A third yet to be revealed petrol version will make its way to the E63 AMG which is thought to offer an increased over the 518 bhp of the current 5.5 liter V8 twin-turbo.

The two diesel versions are also planned, a 2.1 litre four cylinder engine that produces 134 bhp will be housed in the E200 CDI, and it will also produce about 168bhp in E220 CDI and another 3.0 liter V6 that will be producing 248 bhp in E350.

Among the new safety feature that has been incorporated on the updated Mercedes E-Class most important is the collision prevention assist, it is a radar based system that warns before the collision that is able to apply brakes to reduce the impact of the collision.

The series of the new systems includes, Distronic plus with steering assist, which helps keep the car positioned in the center lane and also tracks traffic tails and it also comes with brake assist plus that comes along with Junction assistant, which detects the traffic and pedestrians, it can also assist the braking power in case driver has not applied enough pressure for braking.

E-Class will be coming to India next year.

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