Refurbished Audi Q5 going to be launched at the Paris Auto show this year

Audi is about to reintroduce the Q5 with a bit of mid-life makeover at its launch in the forthcoming Paris Motor Show later this year. It seems that it has gone really well beneath the surface as well as it doing well on the engine upgrades. The engine of Q5 SUV has an enhanced performance and thus an enhanced efficiency. The entry-level SUV model from the luxury car manufacturer Audi comes fitted with a 2.0-litre TDI engine that pumps out 4 BHP of power in comparison to its previous models. The other variant of Q5 with a V6 TDi engine has a little 1 bhp upgrade in power, but it gives out a massive 8 kgm of torque more than its predecessor while the acceleration is much improved as well.

Refurbished Audi Q5 going to be launched at the Paris Auto show this year

Just in case you think that this is just too much then you should check out the 2.0-litre TFSI engine that got changes in its Valve control and in their stroke with an improved thermal management. Provision of a returning fuel injection system that has a turbocharger where the cylinder faces the integration of the exhaust manifold has been included. All of these improved the efficiency of the engine and thus the strength has gone up by 10 bhp to 221 bhp.

On the designing part of the exterior the SUV has received refreshed bumpers, fresh headlights, front bumper and revamped grille has chrome surround for the fog-lamps. A new restyled diffuser for air has found its path beneath the new pipes for exhaust and the rear bumper. The side cladding in black that previously ran along the car’s edges is gone out from this refreshed SUV. Audi has its Q3 launch right at the corner with the refurbished A4 and the Q5 arriving towards the end of the year.

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