Nissan India Export Figure crosses 1 lakh mark for the Fiscal Year of 2012

The Datsun brand of Nissan Motors is set to be launched in the entry level segment of the Indian automobile market very soon. With Datsun brand the firm expects to increase the volume of sales to add profit to the firm. Nissan has come up as one of the major contenders in the automobile market of passenger cars in India. The affordable car of Nissan India, the Datsun, has brought special attention to the firm with the announcement of its launch. In the fiscal year of 2012, for the very first time, the sales figure of the Nissan cars has gone over the mark of 1 lakh units that made the firm preside over the chair of one of the top exporters of the mid-sized sedans from the car market of India.

Nissan India sits on the third position in the chart of car exports of the passenger segment with a 20 per cent of its market share for the fiscal year of 2012. On the top two positions above Nissan are the Hyundai with 48 per cent market share and Maruti with 25 per cent of share in the car exports of passenger segment. With a figure of 33,286 units of cars sold in the domestic market, Nissan India has witnessed a precise increase in its figure of export sales with a rise of 1,00,909 units from the former 46,153 units of car. Nissan Sunny, the mid-sized sedan of the firm has performed very well in both domestic and foreign markets. The export of the Nissan Sunny model that commenced in January 2012 has helped the firm in a big way to cross the sales mark of 1 lakh units. Till the end of March 2012, the total export figure of Nissan Sunny had reached to 46,135 units.

Nissan India Export Figure crosses 1 lakh mark for the Fiscal Year of 2012
The Micra hatchback of Nissan too has been doing very well when it comes to exports of the Nissan cars. This compact vehicle did not do much sales in the domestic market, but it did achieve a sales figure of 86,675 units in the offshore markets in the fiscal year of 2012 while in the previous year the figure was a mere 46,135 units.

As per Mr.Ishida Takayuki, the Managing Director, Nissan India, “The firm is looking forward to acquire a wider base for exporting its cars which is made in India while it will also be exploring new opportunities for further offshore markets to export cars made in India. The business target of Nissan Motors India will remain the same, to become the number one player in the car market of Indian automobile industry.”

Previously the Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Verna were the competing sedans with the other car manufacturers that used to get in a lot of sales volume through the exports. But since some time now, Nissan Sunny has come up as the top most selling sedan in mid-size segment when it comes to export figures.

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