Renault all geared up for Duster’s city wise launch

Renault Duster has already been launched yesterday. Now the company is all set to take this new SUV to a city-wise launch across the nation. There are many people across India who are waiting for the first glimpse of this compact SUV from Renault. But most of them still have the same question, when it will be launched in their city? Renault sources had already made it clear that the launch will take place city wise.

Like the other launches that we witnessed earlier this year, Renault Duster will also be launched in multiple phases.  In the first phase, the Duster has already been launched in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai yesterday. Today it will be launched in Chennai and Bengaluru.

After Chennai and Bangalore, Chandigarh will witness the launch on 6th July followed by Jaipur and Kolkata on 7th of July. Rest of the other cities will have the dealer launches. When asked about the delivery period, Renault said that their first priority will be to meet the pre-orders they have already received for the Duster. The Renault will be rolling out delivery for the customers who have already pre-ordered the vehicle from July 15th. Renault Duster will be available in both Diesel and petrol variants.

Renault all geared up for Duster's city wise launch

The petrol version comes with a 1.6 litre engine coupled with a 5 speed manual transmission and is expected to deliver a mileage of 13.2 kmpl. Whereas diesel variant houses a 1.5 litre engine and comes in both 5 and 6 speed transmission. The 5 speed transmission delivers an incredible mileage of 20.4 kmpl. The six speed variant is also not far behind with a decent mileage of 19 kmpl.

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