Renault DeZir unveiled at the Auto Expo in Delhi

Renault is showcasing it’s much talked about and highly anticipated DeZir concept car at the platform provided by the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo.

This car engine, which has a maximum power of 150Hp, is lightening fast. The result is that the car achieves a 100kmph speed from standing position within five seconds.

By using Kevlar and its chassis that has been made using tubular steel, the maker has been able to restrict the car weight to 830kg.

Renault DeZir image gallery

Renault DeZir unveiled at the Auto Expo in Delhi

However, the vehicle is just in its concept form as of this moment and Renault does not have any plans of producing this vehicle in the immediate future.

But, this concept Renault DeZir does give a glimpse of the futuristic approach that Renault vehicles are going to have.

The concept car is a two-seater and can certainly turn a lot of heads with its looks. It is clearly evident that this vehicle has been designed with a lot of care and affection.

Renault DeZir unveiled at the Auto Expo in Delhi

One of the best parts of this car is its prominent wheel arches and how it easily fits the 21-inch wheels provided to the car.

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