Renault is back with a bang on Indian Soil

We all know how this French manufacturing unit came to the Indian shores. With the very first step in the Indian market, this company joined its hands with our very own Mahindra and Mahindra. Later on, this JV launched their only vehicle Logan which unfortunately turned out to be the product of the dissolution of the partnership. Now after taking a sad turn in the Indian automotive market this company is set to strike back but this time solo. This time it will enter the market with a renewed strategy, new focus with an independent approach. This company claims to be a new key ingredient in the market in coming years.

According to some of the reports released by various media sources, Renault has shifted its focus from the unpredictable turns it had to go through last year, to the emerging markets like any other automotive company. But in addition to that, this company is targeting mainly on the Indian terrain. It is expected that this company will gain 20 places across India, as India is set to become the 11th largest market by the year 2013. As per its new strategy Renault will launch its six new yet locally produced models by 2013. It is though quite clear that the company has overcome the various problems it had to go through in past couple of years. Also, Renault has already returned with a bang, as it is already set to launch two of its new product by this year itself.

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