Renault Kwid Unveiled In India

No one knows better to break the ice other than Renault. The example of Duster remains a remarkable one. Now, in the league to repeat that history, it has unveiled the new small car called Kwid in India based on the new platform. It was obvious the carmaker too unveiled the concept Kwid at Delhi Auto Expo last year, but the production version is quite different than it on every aspect.

The aesthetic is of a compact Duster, but the actual segmentation refers it of compact cars category. Renault has made the new platform called CMF-A (Common Module Family – Affordable) in collaboration with Nissan, where this is the first car built on this.

The launch is reported to come into light by the festive season, with prices expected to remain in the vicinity of Rs 3-4 lakh.

Reported, for this big day, the Renault Group CEO, Mr Carlos Ghosn, was flown to India, and he said this car to become a game changer for Renault. It’s not only India, Renault seem of rolling it out in the markets of China, Russia and Brazil due to demand for such models there.

Renault Kwid Unveiled In India
The car breaks ice with the compact car segment, by providing the crossover/SUV for the same price. It is even reported to hold the infotainment system, a first for the segment. In fact, the pricing is attained due to the heavy localization, which by the percentage accounts for 98%. Aiming a strong growth from the Indian market, the maker has wished to spawn its presence in the market, from the market share of 2% to 5%.

Apart from aforesaid extravagant tricks and treats, talking of its cosmetic appeal, the car stands with muscles, where the logo of Renault adds more oomph to the attire. The rectangular headlamps, plastic cladding, and brawny wheel arches speaks more styling than anything else. Moving inside the cabin, the same aura of Duster and other Renault models do not leave its buyers alone. Space for the five passengers, airbag for the driver as optional, there is no report of the ABS, which we drool may get added later on. The most exciting there to see was its infotainment system of 7-inch – the same MediaNav that is on-board of Duster and Lodgy.

In the engine bay, power is supplied by a 800cc petrol engine of three-cylinder, the power output is not delivered at the press conference, but uttered the fuel-efficiency will lead the class. An AMT is also on the list for the near future. Though, the company has said not to re-badge it as Dacia and sell it in South America or Europe, because the major advantage of this car is its localization of India. And India will remain a hub for this region with regards to Kwid. On dimensions, it tips the measuring tape at 3.68m which makes it eligible for the benefits of cars under 4m, as per the Indian norms.

However, a new car based on this CMF-A platform is also in the making and probably it is from the Datsun, the Redi-Go from the Delhi Auto Expo 2016 calls for a strong speculation here.

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