Renault Pulse is just a month in and are making great sales

A number of cars have taken off from the Auto Expo held in Delhi this year in the month of January. The expo has been a huge success and that is mainly due to the number of new car companies that have showcased themselves, to give people a sneak peak of what they might see on the roads a few years hence. And one among them is the Renault Pulse. The Renault Pulse has been climbing the popularity ladder since its inception in India at the expo. The Pulse is priced around Rs.5.77 lakh a little high on up on the hatchback prices, but with an international acclaim for quality and performance, the team has fared pretty well. The car makers have already received bookings for 746 models in India. With a new brand there’s always this lingering tentativeness amongst Indian’s, resulting in a slow pick up of sales for most car companies, but the Renault. With just a month in, and the Renault Pulse has already got the feel of the Indian pulse and are selling in numbers.

Renault Pulse is just a month in and are making great sales

This is Renault’s third venture here in India and it seems with the kind of outing this car has got recently, the company would be more than enthusiastic to launch some of their other products here in India. Word is that the company would bring in their Renault Fluence sedan and the Renault Duster SUV in the not so distant future. It’s rumored that the products are going for a June entry this very year itself.

IIndia has been a booming car industry lately, and every other car company is chipping in to lay the groundwork to come and be part of the fest. The companies have realized the potential that is in India and are already making plans to increase the dealership of the Renault Pulse to that of 100 by the end of 2013. Presently the company is standing at 40 dealerships here in India. This launch of the Renault Pulse is going to be doing two things at once for the car company. One, make large sales generating revenue for the Renault team, and two, would be building up the brand name and fan base for a smoother and even bigger reception for the upcoming cars, the Duster and the Fluence sedan.

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