Renault Recalls More Than 61,000 Koleos In China

Now we can say that Renault is shredding off dust from its shoulders to make something big in China, after all it is joining the league with other carmakers, in the world’s most aspiring market.

Recently Renault Duster crossed the 400,000 production mark, now this news seems to have contradicted its delicate French image. The total number of Koleos that will return to company’s touch point is 61,508-not a negligible calculation in itself. It is due to faulty fuel meter, being fitted in cabins that were produced between 16th Dec 2008 and 10th July 2012. As per fallacy, the fuel gauge displays inaccurate fuel quantity in the tank due its inappropriate sensors, which will now be replaced by carmaker at free of cost.

This is not just it, Renault had also recalled 5,097 Koleos in last month for welding issues. However, all decisions were made from the office of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Renault Recalls More Than 61,000 Koleos In China

French carmaker had a bulk stock of inventory piled up in its warehouses due to sliding economy of Europe, so to release some of it, these steps were needed to prove the mettle in its dreamt territory. Lately, they are also planning to set up a manufacturing plant in China.

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