Renault Scala and its key competitors: A comparison

French car manufacturer Renault’s recently announced the launch of the Scala – a new C-segment Sedan based on Nissan Sunny. The Scala claims to be a premium over its Japanese sibling, and is available in both petrol and diesel versions. The Renault Scala is based on Nissan Sunny, thus it shares many of its features with its Japanese sibling, but the French car manufacturer has reworked on the car to give it a distinguished look and feel from the Nissan Sunny. The petrol Scala comes equipped with a 1.5 HX2 engine that is capable of running 16.95 kilometers per litre, and the diesel version comes with a .5-litre K9K engine that allows the vehicle to cover an impressive distance of 21.64 kilometers per litre.

There are two petrol and two diesel models of the Scala. The RxE Petrol and RxL Petrol cost Rs. 6.99 lakh and Rs. 7.85 lakh; while the RxL Diesel and RxZ Diesel variants cost Rs. 8.69 lakh and Rs. 9.57 lakh, respectively.

The Renault Scala will have to face tough competition from the likes of Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid, Hyundai Verna and many more. Let’s have look at the Renault Scala’s main competitors.

Renault Scala

Renault Scala versus Volkswagen Vento

Like Renault Scala, the Volkswagen Vento also comes in both petrol and diesel versions.

The petrol variants of the Vento start from Rs. 7.10 lakh and go up to Rs. 9.21 lakh; while the diesel variants cost in the range of Rs. 8.30 lakh to Rs. 9.99 Lakh. The Vento comes equipped with a 1.6-litre engine that delivers a mileage of nearly 20kmpl for diesel versions and around 15kmpl for petrol variants. Thus, Scala can give a tough competition to the Volkswagen Vento in terms of price as well as mileage.

Volkswagen Vento

Renault Scala versus Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid petrol is available in the range of Rs. 6.75 lakh to Rs. 8.99 lakh, while the diesel versions cost in the range of Rs. 7.95 lakh to Rs. 9.9 lakh. Thus, Renault Scala and Skoda Rapid are neck to neck in terms of pricing. Rapid gives customers a large variety of permutation & combinations to choose. It offers five options in petrol and one automatic transmission variant and two manual transmission option variants in diesel. On the other hand, Scala offers merely two petrol and two diesel variants. The Skoda Rapid offers a mileage of around 15kmpl and 20kmph in petrol and diesel, respectively.

Skoda Rapid

Renault Scala versus Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna also offers a large varsity of options to choose from. It is available in five petrol and five diesel models. The petrol and diesel variants are available in the range of 6.99 Lakh to Rs. 9.72 lakh, and Rs. 8.19 lakh to Rs. 10.99, respectively.

Hyundai Verna

Renault Scala versus Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios can also be purchased from various available petrol and diesel. The petrol variants start with a price tag of Rs. 5.03 lakh and goes up to Rs. 7.03 lakh. The diesel variants start at Rs. 6.56 lakh and goes up to Rs. 7.99 lakh. Etios comes with 1496cc manual petrol variant that delivers a mileage of around 17kmpl. The 1364cc diesel variant delivers a mileage of 23kmpl. In terms of appearance, the Etios is classier than the Scala.

Toyota Etios

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