Renault Scala launched at Rs.6.99 lacs

French car manufacturer Renault has launched its Scala – a new C-segment Sedan based on Nissan Sunny – today in India. The redesigned Nissan Sunny, which claims to be a premium over its Japanese sibling, will compete against the likes of the Honda City, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna and Volkswagen Vento.

We have spent some time on evaluating details of newly launched sedan and here they are.

Engine and power:

Potential buyers will be able to pick any of the two versions of the Renault Scala – petrol version or diesel version – as it will be available in both versions. The petrol version will come equipped with a 1.5-litre engine capable of producing maximum power and torque of 99bhp and 134Nm respectively. The diesel version will have 1.5-litre K9K engine which delivers of 86bhp of power and 200Nm of torque. . Both diesel and petrol engines are mated to a five-speed manual, but those potential buyers who will pick a petrol Scala will be able to go in for the CVT automatic version that the French manufacturer is expected to introduce in the near future. As per estimates by ARAI, the petrol Renault Scala is capable of running 16.95 kilometers per litre and the diesel version covers an impressive distance of 21.64 kilometers per litre.

Petrol version will again be available in two variants – RxE and RxL. Likewise the diesel version will also be made available in two variants, viz. RxL and RxZ. Features like ABS-EBD and alloy-wheels will be offers as standard across all variants.

Power comes down effortlessly and the Scala accelerates very politely and smoothly from standstill. There are no jolts and jerks.

Renault Scala in India


As the Renault Scala is based on Nissan Sunny it shares a lot with the Japanese car, but the French manufacturer has reworked the car to allow it to distinguish from the Nissan Sunny. The rework has also allows the French manufacturer to cast the new car in French flair. The large headlights of the new car have received a smoked look; while the front bumper and grille have been reworked on to make them resemble those of the Pulse hatchback. The tail lamps and the chrome strip which actually does visually lighten up the back have got inspiration from sports Skoda. All versions of the Scala feature alloy wheels as standard, which does enhance the new sedan’s exterior appeal. But, many analysts still believe that the French car maker could have done a bit more to make the car more attractive as the given treatment is rather very basic. Nevertheless, the alterations are enough to make the Scala better looking car than the Nissan Sunny.


Getting into the driver’s seat of the Scala will make you feel that you have got into a Nissan Sunny because the Scala, just like the Nissan Sunny, is a sea of grey on its inside, but you will soon see the Renault logo on the car’s steering wheel that will remind you of the reality. Looking around inside the car and noticing some subtle alterations will also help to draw a line between the Nissan Sunny and the Scala. The list of most noticeable alterations includes leather seats and a new gear knob.

All other things remain are similar in the two cars. Renault should have made some more changes to the interior of the Scala as most the Nissan Sunny’s features were accepted by the customers because it is essentially is a value-for-money vehicle. Our personal opinion is that the manufacturer should have installed an entirely new dashboard, or at least should have made tweaks to the existing dashboard with some colour game into the cabin because visual enhancements play a vital role in changing buyers’ perception of quality.

The Scala offers stereo, steering mounted stereo controls, start/stop push button, climate control air-conditioning system, keyless entry, and central locking. On the safety front, the Scala offers front airbags and ABS. The stereo is nice but unfortunately it lacks a USB port.

Overall, the Renault Scala is a good sedan with lots of merits but the final decision lies in the hands of the potential buyers and drivers.


Price of the Renault Scala has been kept a higher pedestal than the Nissan Sunny. The RxE and RxL versions (petrol variants) has been priced at Rs. 6.99 lacs and 7.85 lacs respectively, while the diesel RxL and RxZ version has been priced at Rs.8.69 and 9.57 lacs respectively.

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