Right-Hand Drive Ford Mustang Commences Testing: Official

Ford Mustang was a legacy of America which only the left-hand drive markets had enjoyed, but now the company is relieved to know that there are lots of its fans in the right-hand drive markets as well. So, to bring out the excitement for them, Ford had officially claimed to have commenced the testing of right-hand Mustang, which is expected to see the daylight soon.

Hopefully, the right-hand markets like UK, South Africa and Australia posed to be the major buyers of Mustang. Approximately, there are 25 markets (inclusive of the said) in which the Blue Oval logoed carmaker will sell its new muscle car.

This is the first time in history that Ford is building a factory made right-hand drive Mustang.

Right-Hand Drive Ford Mustang Commences Testing Official

Till date, United States has remained the largest market for the Mustang, as more than 9.2 million cars are sold since its debut in 1964. Outside the States, during 2012, automaker sold more than 4k Mustangs in 35 markets ranging from North America, United Arab Emirates to Chile, Philippines and many more.

Hopefully, the first official right-hand drive Mustang to be produced will be a sixth-generation model.

Apparently, the first spy-shots of the test-mule may appear soon.

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