Bosch Power Tools’ DIY Range Now Available In Croma, Mumbai

As Do-It-Yourself kits gaining more attention than before, the Bosch too decided to go retail – as announced various kits of DIY repertoire to be made available at Croma outlets in Mumbai.

The Bosch’s DIY repertoire in India includes the car and home washer the most, so one ought to get his/her car or home clean then can head to the Croma outlets ultimately. Hope so, with this retailing idea, the German tool maker led its pawns out to gain sales numbers in abundance. And tales apart, the DIY tool kit, which may not of be of great use to Indians who prefer hiring a profession for the furniture and other miscellaneous jobs, apparently not find popularity at this scenario.

600 RE-5-Homekit

Home and car washers of Bosch are ideally fit for the youths and hobbyists. These washers clean the dirt and stains that happens to be stubborn. With prices ranging from Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000, these washing kits lends various options for adjusting the pressure and water flows. And for the last, tool kits are priced at Rs 3,500 onwards.

Home and Car Washer

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