Roadside Assistance Program launched by General Motors India

In order to improve the statistics and increase the sales figures of the company, General Motors have launched a new Roadside Assistance Program. This program will only be offered to the customers who buy Chevrolet cars from the year 2014.

The program is aimed to enhance the experience of ownership and provide consistent support in case of any emergency. The most important factor for the success of any car manufacturer is the support of the customers. For their business to flourish, it is mandatory for them to pay proper attention towards their target customers. This new Assistance Program has been designed to ensure comfort and mind piece for the owners.

The program aims to take the ownership experience to a different level completely. This initiative offers special services to its customers including towing facility for any of its customers anywhere in India. It also offers taxi provisions in case of vehicular immobilization. The vice-president of General Motors, P. Balendran has himself pointed these facts out.

New Chevrolet Cruze
Constant support has been promised to all its customers as a result of the new Roadside Assistance Program. Whenever there is an accident, electrical breakdown, mechanical breakdown, drainage of battery, problems in the car tyre, fuel scarcity and any problem in relation to locking and unlocking the car, GM India will help you out through this program. The company has also provided telephone numbers like 1800-103-8090 and 0124-4388090 which are toll free numbers for all those customers who are looking for support in case of an accident or car breakdown. This facility is provided 24×7 as mentioned before and these toll free numbers will provide assistance at any hour of the day. This assistance program will also be available to the existing Chevrolet car owners for a price of Rs.2700 for three years of service and Rs.1000 for one year of service.

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