New Car Launches in 2014: Hatchbacks

Due to the tremendous demand in compact SUV segment, the hatchbacks seem to have taken a backseat in 2013. However, it remains an undiluted fact that vehicles which are sold in numbers on Indian shores are not the SUVs or compact sedans, but it is the hatchback that entices roost of all first-time car buyers. Here we took a glimpse of what is stored for the audience in 2014, who are looking to buy their first family car in the year. Some interesting facts have been revealed that the automakers wants to go small despite having a renowned brand in the industry for premium vehicles.

Datsun GO:

Datsun means ‘rising sun’ in Japanese, and so its aspirations are meant to meet the same at sales floor. Did the unveiling of hatchback GO in India, it seems the Nissan Motor Company held brand have extensive expectations from our shores. Hatchback GO will be rolled out in petrol engine initially, while plans for diesel engine doesn’t seems to be finding a place in the list any time sooner. Pricing will be hopefully concluded under Rs. 4 lakh only.

Datsun GO

New Honda Jazz:

New Jazz of Honda was launched in South East Asian countries during the recent months, and no to its exception it did well there, being sold for sumptuous numbers in a very short span of time, just like the Honda Amaze did in our nation. Honda has gotten aggressive for the automotive market of India; hence confirmation of launching the City in diesel variant has said it so far. The expectations, or can be said a sort of confirmation, is delivered to us by unofficial sources for the Japanese to be betting on the new Jazz for India in the hatchback category. Hatchbacks has remained one of most prominent option car buyers in India, and so avoiding a diesel from the list of new Jazz had proven a big mistake for Japanese in the past, which they aren’t seems in the mood to commit a one for now.

New Honda Jazz

Chevrolet Beat Facelift:

Chevrolet Beat launched in India during early days of 2010, while the diesel variant of it was rolled out to us in July 2011. The diesel variant though wasn’t that finished technically to counter Fiat’s 1.3L Multijet under the hoods of Marutis and others, but it remained a strong contender to a number of badges in the portfolio. In the elapsing process of time, when compact cars and hatchbacks start separating from each other with the reason of space, size and price tags, the Beat emerged from the compact car category. And till now, until the Hyundai launched i10 Grand in 1.1L diesel, it has boosted its market share with the mini-rocket-type looks and sophisticated yet the hereditary bowtie logo on front grille. Since three years in business, the Beat now feels slightly outdated looking at the models of Hyundai and upcoming Marutis. So for the better competition, the American carmaker is heard to be making a facelift version of it, which may result out to the audience in 2014.

Chevrolet Beat Facelift

Tata Nano Diesel:

Tata Nano diesel is worth waiting for. An exceptional diesel engine of 800cc returning output something near to 30-35kmpl will defiantly take up its sales by storm. However, a number of test mules were spotted testing in diesel variant on Indian roads. It is speculated that Tata Motors may launch the vehicle in 2014, because other of its variant namely Nano CNG is out in 2013. The diesel was on thorough test, confirmed one of the Tata executive at some press conference. Indian carmaker doesn’t wants to take any chance with the Nano diesel, so it means the world’s cheapest car will definitely going to take up its rivals with smallest oil burners in the category.

Tata Nano Diesel

Tata Falcon 4:

Tata Falcon 4 is nothing new from the Tata’s stable. Hence, to conclude it in layman’s language, it can be uttered as the replacement of ‘Vista D90’. The Fiat’s 1.3L Multijet diesel engine is allowed to perform its duty under the hoods of Falcon. It can take that, some astonishing designing cues from Tata’s designing department of Europe and some wobbling numbers horses running will be the new leap for Indian carmaker. The 1.2L petrol version of said is also claimed to be producing near to 100bhp.

Tata Falcon 4

Next-Generation Maruti A-Star

Maruti doped on the sales of A-Star compared to its expectations. But it wanted to take on the league of the segment seriously, so the launch of next-gen A-Star is the next chance for Indian carmaker to do it so. Spied a lot of times in Europe as well as in India, we expect that it may pose as an extended version of Alto, as the designing cues reclaims that, just like what the Hyundai did with i10 Grand. In fact, the new A-Star is needed to be a lot competitive for taking up a stand against Grand. It’s because the Koreans have sent their warfare in the most acclaimed piece of metal, with some first of kind features of the segment. Losing an avenue to it, may again lead to some doping numbers for Maruti. And very importantly, the news can be confirmed that Maruti may be thinking of launching a small capacity diesel engine, which seems to have remained a favourite with Indians in the i10 Grand worth of 1.1L.

Next-Generation Maruti A-Star

Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift:

Maruti Suzuki Swift facelift is the hero of this whole countdown. Swift was launched in India during 2005 and since it went only with one major cosmetic change, which it received recently. Looking at its competition, the Hyundai i20 and its likes, it has exaggerated the competition aggressively with daytime running LEDs and such. However, just some months back Suzuki unveiled the new Swift in Europe. We expect India will not be made an exception because approximately 40% of the Swift’s global sales recounts from our nation itself. So delighting Indians with the new Swift is of utmost importance for the carmaker like Suzuki. The year 2014 pose a subtle platform to go the new Swift way in the locals, it can be betted that even some of the elder siblings of segment. We wanted to know how extreme the new Swift can go in the environment when the famous Japanese new Honda Jazz will also be available that too with the diesel engine.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift

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