Rolls Royce Opens A New Showroom in Hyderabad

Rolls Royce must be a dream of every car admirer but being a prestigious of its unmatched standards (and pricing as well), it is in the reach of handfuls only. No to disappointment, the luxury carmaker is now stretching its wing wider to cover every corner of the automobile market, so as recently opened its third showroom of India in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is presently the hot nook for every carmaker, as people there are showing more interests in the metal crafted beauties which is tending numerous automakers to dwell on that piece of land. New showroom is located on the second floor of Kun Motoren’s luxury car puddle that is parched in an area of 5,400 sq.ft., embedding three beautiful luxurious RR moniker cars and a finely  crafted lounge where customers can calm down their excitement in peace.

Commenting on the occasion, Vasanthi Bhupati, Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hyderabad says, “We are committed to delivering beautiful hand-built motor cars to our highly successful customers. In this elegant new showroom, customers can enjoy the creative process that comes with commissioning each and every Rolls-Royce vehicle. We are looking forward to this new and exciting chapter in Rolls-Royce history.”

Rolls Royce Opens Showroom in Hyderabad

It is not only the present that this Indian city is grooming on the motoring base, but it can be dated back to the time of Nawabs when former Nizam of Hyderabad was well known for its 50 Rolls Royce cars along with the tag of, ‘all-time richest Indian’ and ‘one of the wealthiest man ever lived’.

Rolls Royce
While the Director of Asia-Pacific region Mr. Paul Harris too feels sharing tentative complements with us on this occasion, as he says, “We are excited to be working with Kun Motoren as our dealer partner in a region rich with Rolls-Royce history and passion for the brand. Establishing a new retail facility will allow us to reach our customers with the same high standards available elsewhere in the country. The new showroom conforms to the brand’s latest global standards, and is both an impressive and luxurious space.”

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