Rolls-Royce Phantom facelift: A Brief Look

British luxury carmaker, Rolls Royce, has brought in the facelifted version of the Phantom. For the manufacturer, the upgraded version (Phantom II) is nothing but a car introducing a series of feature-led enhancements. In fact, the carmaker hasn’t tried to alter the looks of the base Phantom much while bringing in this avatar. The Phantom-outlook has been quite appealing amongst Rolls Royce buyers. There’s no point in altering the looks by a few factors if nothing massive is changed.

Prominent changes in the outlook include replacement of the round front fog lights with a thin strip, inclusion of Rolls Royce latest LED technology in the headlight design and even parking cameras dotted everywhere around the body. This is the first time that we can see parking cameras in any of Rolls Royce cars.

Rolls Royce Phantom facelift A Brief Look

On the other hand, mechanical changes include stiffening of the chassis and introduction of eight-speed gearbox. Unlike the hefty present six-speed gearbox, the eight-speed gearbox certainly has the super-smooth factor induced with it. Moreover, the car exhibiting fairly good fuel efficiency with the new rear differential. The carbon dioxide ejection by the car has been cut down by 10% while managing itself to offer a mileage of 8.12kmpl.

Apart from all these inclusions, the Phantom has also been added with a Dynamic Package. Considering the customers’ demand, the carmaker couldn’t drop the latest inclusion. The Dynamic Package includes extra bracing to chassis, slight stiffening of suspension and altered gearbox settings. It seems that the carmaker is thinking of transforming the big Phantom into a sports car.

The car has been added with USB connectivity. Moreover, older first-generation iDrive has been replaced with a newer and simpler one. The latest Rolls Royce Phantom is certainly now up-to-date. This again justifies the point that the British carmaker doesn’t lag to the degree of luxury it includes in its cars.

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