Continental sets up ‘Simplify your Drive India’

After rolling out the pioneeringideain the German as wellas other international markets, the top international automotive provider Continental uncovered its idea ‘Simplify your Drive (SyD)’, customized particularly for the country.

By just pressing a key, Simplify your Drive offers up access to a variety of vehicle traits thus permitting car holders to alter the locations of their vehicle by flipping between different preassembled driving profiles.

The majorityof innovative vehicles in the country are fitted with electronics, which are able to provideaddedfunctionality as compared to the average driver utilizesat the moment.

With its profoundunderstandingregarding the Indian auto section and consumer actions, Continental now offers up vehicle makers with aninfluentialdevice to strap up this chance.

Mr. Tejas Desai, Head of Interior Electronics Solutions (IES), Continental Automotive India stated that SyD India will assist vehicle makers in the nation to become accustomedwith their vehicles to their key groups even better and lessen the amount of compromises needed all throughthe vehicle growth.

While talking about the launch Claude d’Gamarose, Managing Director of Continental India, stated, “Our localization strategy is the key to our growth and success in emerging markets. Continental has been working closely with Indian OEMs for many decades and has deep understanding of market requirements. While most of our localization has been targeted at the mass market, SyD India will address a different segment altogether, offering localization that facilitates the introduction of advanced technologies in the Indian luxury car segment.”

Broadening the remote control idea to the car, SyD India permits the car’s proprietor to managea variety of functions of the car and obtainessential info through his / her cell phone.

The car tells the possessorthroughSMSesregarding its present position and technical form. This permits the car’s proprietor to check the driving forms of his/her chauffeur, adding a sense of protection. Besides, car proprietors are capable of incorporating their smart-phones with their vehicles utilizing cloud computing.

With sales of approximately 30.5 billion during the last year, Continental is in the midst of the top automotive providers globally.

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