Rolls-Royce rolls out Canton Glory Ghost for China

Rolls-Royce rolls out the Canton Glory Ghost edition for China. It is developed exclusively keeping in mind the expectations of Chinese from a British carmaker.

The UK based luxury auto manufacturer has built this vehicle in “two” numbers only. Exasperating two-tone paint job on exteriors represents the “past and present”, which is interpreted in the form of Madeira red over Cassiopeia silver or Carrera white.

The Guangzhou’s Five Rams emblem is also been found placed on the coachline, headrests, dashboard and veneers of the car for interlinking exteriors to interiors.

Price of this model plate hasn’t been revealed. We expect that businessmen in China will have no problems for its tag, looking at the aspirations of businesses taking shape in their country.

Rolls-Royce rolls out Canton Glory Ghost

“We know that our Chinese clients value the level of exclusivity that Bespoke provides,” said Henrik Wilhelmsmeyer director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Region China, “which is why we have brought the spirit of Bespoke to the Guangzhou Motor Show. We believe that our cars are the perfect tribute to this prosperous and sophisticated city and the best ambassadors of the craftsmanship and design excellence of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Rolls-Royce rolls out Canton Glory Ghost Interiors

Apart from the said, Rolls-Royce will fill in the Satellite Aided Transmission and multi-media interface to these new vehicles for complementing the notched price tags. However, news aren’t confirmed that when these vehicles are going to reach its owners in the dragon country.

Rolls-Royce rolls

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