Rolls Royce Still Considering SUV: Report

In the mean time, when there was a rumor going that Rolls Royce is considering a SUV in the near future, hence the officials of automaker denied the speculations, and then the news just got fumed off from the fraternity like a fizz. But then, time and again, we came across a report of Automobilemag which says that Rolls Royce hadn’t left the scratch of SUV tending to be given a shot into production bay soon. Though, it was tough to think that RR will be kicking in the line of off-road but looking at the various dimensions provided we too started thinking the same way.

If the Bentley, Lamborghini, and Porsche are going in the bespoken off-road direction, then why this badge is making an exception for same. We also got to know that Maserati too is making moves in the same paths, and are speculating this Italian to also reveal the official report very soon.

Rolls Royce Still Considering
However, if we look at the possession chart of BMW, who is the parent of Rolls Royce, then it is learnt that Bavarian has all the tads to fix in for an ultra niche SUV. The X5 platform and a 4.4L twin turbo V8 are the perfect combination to fit in the price tags of respective segment. We too see forward to the upcoming X7 that is hope for the near future. An electric motor in addition to the heavily bolted engine bay will lend a helping hand to fuel economy and the most hyped eco-friendly image as well.

Bentley is set to roll out its SUV i.e. EXP 9F by the end of 2016 or early 2107, for which the Lamborghini Urus is also in the competition. Hence only Rolls Royce is left for the same.

Courtesy: Automobilemag.

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