Rolls Royce Wraith Teases Once Again

Rolls Royce is all set to steal the limelight of Geneva Motor Show this year with its Wraith, which is very much in talks for one of its kind ergonomics being offered from house of luxury bugs. However it is also said that, this coupe will be able to do Nurburgring as well.

Previous teaser revealed us with the sides of it and now we are exposed to its rear. It draws dual trapezoidal chromed exhausts underneath, with a bit highlighted boot strip. Remarkably a lot of beef can be seen lugged out from rear bumpers, leading all the way to front ones. To an extent, chromed window outlines can also be witnessed if observed minutely.

As per expectations, 6.6 liter V12 engine will be slated under its hoods, so that Royals can beat some gas guzzlers, in ‘ultimate luxury’.

Rolls-Royce Teases more Wraith

As said by the company in its official statement, “This image depicts Wraith’s muscular rear haunches – a visual cue that gives bold expression to Wraith’s promise of dynamism. A sense that this is a car set to move with purpose on its driver’s command. And so to the question of Power. In times gone by, when asked the question, Rolls Royce would simply reply, ‘Adequate, Sir. However, for Wraith we feel it right to be a touch more explicit: More than ample’.”

More Wraith thrills are expected to rise-up soon!

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