Russian Bus Driver is on Educational Spree by Crashing Cars: Watch Video

A lot of crash happens around the world but this video is a rare one and had surfaced for the first time on internet.

In this clipping, a Russian bus driver named Alexei Volkov from city of Zelenograd is on a crash spree which ends with number of vehicles in his own locality. To an addition, he had also become the hero of his neighborhood when he posted this temptation on YouTube.

Interestingly, Volkov had damaged more than 100 cars and still lives free of mind. To put more light on his action, he said, “I often see how bus waits with the turn signal switched on for one-two minutes, and these morons still continue squeezing in. However, the situation is gradually improving. Also, due to my educational work.”

Russian Bus Driver is on Educational Spree by Crashing Cars
In spite of this much rampage, his employer is not concerned about the so called “educational activity”, that’s because, very minute damaged had been caused to his own bus and thankfully no injuries are reported. We should also thank his dashboard camera as well, that stood frugal for making him a star overnight.

In the last, a question had popped in our mind which says, do other countries also need this type of “educational lessons”?

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