Skoda goes green with ‘Green Future’

Skoda is working on its sustainability efforts under a new program called “Green Future’. The program now forms an integral part of the SKODA growth strategy for 2018 and constituting the environmental strategy of the VW group. The program is aimed at helping the company with the current and future models to make them more fuel-efficient and to see that all the resources at disposal are used more efficiently and sustainably.

The first car to be produced under the Green Future program will be upcoming Skoda Octavia GreenLine. The strategy for lower emissions and higher efficiency has already made its way to the company’s advanced manufacturing facilities. Skoda is mainly aiming to reduce waste as well as the emission levels from each of its product by 25 percent.

Chairman of the Board, Skoda, Prof. Dr. H. C. Winfried Vahland said that company is honoring its responsibility towards the environment for many years. With initiatives like Green Future, company is concentrating and enhancing its effort towards a more sustainable future. He further said that the company wants to offer vehicles that are environment friendly and to manufacture such vehicles and sell them in a more sustainable way.

Skoda goes green with 'Green Future'He further added that Green Future is the clear, measurable step taken by the company and its employees to help in the protection of the environment as they are investing into a greener future. Green Future is a part of the Growth Strategy 2018 that Skoda has undertaken. At the same time it will also be fulfilling Volkswagen’s dream to become the leading environmental friendly automobile manufacturer in the world by the year 2018.

To make Skoda an efficient operation group, the ‘Green Future’ initiative focuses on three main themes, which are Green Product, Green Factory and Green Retail.

Skoda Octavia

Since the year 1991, company has been spending a great part of its expenditure on the sustainable and efficient use of the resources. From 1991 till now, the company has spent about 410 million EUR (about 348,400,000 pounds) on the sustainable use of resources. In addition to that, the company has also made investments in the making of its manufacturing processes more environmental friendly, saving energy at its facilities and in enhancing efficiency of its vehicles.

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