RZR SW of Polaris India is dedicated to the Defence Sector

Polaris India Pvt. Limited,the completely owned subsidiary of the world leader in off-road vehicles Polaris Industries, has come up with another model. The Ranger RZR SW is the latest offering by the off-road manufacturing firm that claims to be a one stop solution to the defence and security forces of India. With this vehicle the security forces, military, law enforcement agencies as well as other government agencies will get an excellent off-road capability in terms of mobility in the most difficult terrains.

This high-mobility vehicle augurs very well for the company’s missions in Asia and India in general and thus has given results already with these vehicles getting deployed across the zones where its presence could be tested. This is a perfect two-passenger LTATV with attributes that is well-suited for the tactical operations, where a quick manoeuvre vehicle is required across uneven off-road terrains. Ranger RZR SW has a four-stroke, 800cc output petrol engine that delivers a massive speed of 109 kmph while it can carry 454 kg of payload. The four-wheel independent suspension with a 12”/30 cm wheels is adequate for this vehicle and it is also IR and black out drive capable

RZR SW of Polaris India is dedicated to the Defence Sector
Managing Director, Polaris India spoke on the occasion of the lunch of Ranger RZR SW. “After entering the Indian automobile market in a successful manner with a range of off-road vehicles last year. We are currently focussed on making available the mobility solution to the Indian security, defence and related government areas. Throughout the past decade Polaris Defence has been working to fulfil the required mobility solutions to the government and military clients all over the globe. Combining their unique technology that would meet the specific requirements, Polaris India will do the same for the market of India. Working in direct connection with the OEM gives benefit to our clients where they receive a Polaris product that has an international quality on a global level. Our clients have full access to the equipment maker to expedite their mission specific requirements, as well as they can completely depend on the Polar worldwide dealer network for after sale service.”

These off-road vehicles made by Polaris have a wide scope of operations for the defence agencies. With increasing number of terrorist and naxalite activities across the nation, the RZR SW has got the security agencies on the national and state level interested. An off-road vehicle like the Ranger RZR SW is the demand of the current time for its practical, viable, low maintenance, all-terrain capability and not to forget, the kind of payload it can afford to take is definitely a feature any security agency would like to have in its vehicles. The firm currently approves it for operations like patrolling, perimeter security, recce and surveillance, casualty evacuation, law and order situation, training, search and rescue etc.

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