Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition Rumored to Come With Equally Ultimate Price Tag

Jaguar, the British automobile manufacturing company has introduced its prestigious XJ Ultimate at Beijing Auto Show. It will be the most luxurious vehicle in the company’s lineup. However, the automaker is still to confirm the engine details for this vehicle. In the meantime, Jaguar has announced that it will be marketed by the end of 2012. The Jaguar Ultimate’s lower front air intakes are chrome finished and redesigned; whereas the Maroa forged alloy 20 inch wheels are distinctive to XJ and get a two-tone color scheme. Another visual differentiator is a discreet metal Ultimate badge beneath its nameplate.

Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition Rumored to Come With Equally Ultimate Price Tag

The interior of Jaguar XJ Ultimate features a table, which rises up from center console at a touch of a button for providing a working area. Its role is complemented by 2 3rd generation iPads’ provision with wireless keyboards, which are housed in the rear of front seats in leather trimmed bespoke docks. Inside, you will also find champagne chiller situated between two back seats. On the other hand, two specifically commissioned champagne flutes exist in purpose made cabinet beneath center table. The full back seat package with wireless headphones and dual headrest displays complete the experience in blend with all-new Meridian 20-speaker surround sound audio system.

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