Safe driving tips for Women

Amidst the rising crime graph against women in India, women safety on road has become a prime issue. The recent Delhi gang rape case was enough to provoke the bearing limit of the common man which made the need for the women safety become a priority. The protests and the march that followed the brutal crime shocked the whole government structure. Delhi police then organized various campaigns in the city to keep a check on the crime on road.

Most of the crimes against women occurs when, either they are moving towards the vehicle or heading away from it. Alone Police can’t do everything. You should also be aware, alert and ready to counter every situation.

Here are the few tips that could help you stay protected.

Know your surroundings

The major key for safe driving is observing and responding to the situations carefully. Always know where you are and what you are doing. Texting, talking on cellphones, applying lipsticks and reading is not considered good for driving and for your safety. Always scan the road, look ahead for the things in front of you and keep an eye on the things behind through the rear view mirror. Always make an idea about your whereabouts and know where you are going. Keep safe distances from the vehicles driving in front of you.

Safe driving tips for Women

Always let someone know your whereabouts

Whenever you are going somewhere make sure that some know all your whereabouts. Always let your friends and family members about your trip, the distance you will be traveling, your check points and other details. It would be better if you keep in touch with them let them know about your location. For the shorter trips tell someone your arrival and return time. So that in case something bad happens the concern person can directly go to the cops.

Keep your vehicle intact

A poorly maintained and managed engine can always let you down at place where you will never want to be. The same thing is applied to the batteries, tires and other parts. Keep your vehicle maintained and well serviced so that it didn’t break down at a wrong place and at wrong time.

Use all your car’s security and safety features

Always read the vehicle manual, a vehicle always hires a number of security features and make sure that you are comfortable with all of them. Many cars comp with pre-equipped safety features make sure you know how to use them.

Keep a track on your location; know where you are going

Always be aware of the directions if you are going somewhere. If your car doesn’t have a navigational system then you can always buy a portable GPS navigator from the market in few bucks. These devices can call your precise location and can also help you in case of any emergency.

Be careful while parking

Most of the crime occurs when you are either moving towards the car or heading away from it. Always choose and well lit spot for parking your car. Make sure that there are other cars parked in the same locality. Parking lots with attenders are far more secure than an open area.

Always have your keys with you

Searching for the keys in your handbag can buy the extra second for criminal that he needed to carry on with its wrongdoings. If there is an option for opening the door only through the driver’s side then use it. It would be better if you keep a canister of pepper spray along with your key chain. Always make sure that the car is totally locked once you get in.

Don’t try to play smart

If you spot a man waving for help in the middle of nowhere with a broken car, don’t jump off and try to help him. It would be better if you can call police or highway patrol. They can help him better than you could. Further that man can also be an imposter and it would just be another trick to lure you out of your car. Be cautious about it.

In some case we have also seen that guys impersonating as police officer were found in the crimes. So, if on highway a policeman gives you a hand then don’t directly stop check for his vehicle for marking, if he looks suspicious then move to a well-lit and populated place and then stop your car. Don’t get out of your car or move your window down. Make sure that the officer shows his ID or badge.

Always have a Plan B

If you are attacked while in car or outside it, through you belongings and run with all your strength while making loud noises. Most of the criminals will quite from there only. Always try to avoid getting to any other location with them, even if they say that they will not hurt you don’t believe.

In case you are being followed by a car move to the nearest police station. And if you are driving and find someone hiding in your back seat don’t panic, just hit the brake hard that will guide them off their balance, then you can run out of the car.

These are tips that can help you to protect yourself but most important role will be played by your presence of mind if you are struck in a situation.

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